If you’ve ever struggled to find an environmentally friendly and efficient landscaping material that will boost the health of your plants, you’re in the right place! Your gardens and plants need a layer of mulch to reduce soil erosion and keep them growing healthy. However, there are many options when it comes to buying mulch, and all the pros and cons can be overwhelming.

Kenny Nobles Tree Services has the answers. While there may be many options for your landscaping mulch, using wood chips will bring your plants the most benefits. Our team offers organic, chemical-free wood chips to make your gardens shine — and we can even deliver them to your home! Keep reading to find out the benefits of using wood chips around your home.

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What Makes Wood Chips Different?

Shredded mulch that is available at many home improvement or landscaping stores is very popular. However, this wood is heavily processed hardwood. The processing this wood goes through can introduce dyes and chemicals into the pieces which leech into the soil over time. This can cause plant death and even affect the soil, bacteria and creatures that live in your gardens. 

Organic wood chips are simply chunks of tree branches and stumps that come from pruning and removing trees. They have not been processed and provide a cleaner, more natural mulch layer for your trees and plants. 

Benefits of Wood Chips

So, how will wood chips help your garden become healthier? Here are a few of the most common benefits that natural wood chip mulch provides:

Natural Tree Food

When the wood chips eventually decompose, they serve as natural food for your trees and plants. Organic materials are important so that your trees feed on healthy and boosting sources of energy.

Temperature & Moisture Regulation

A layer of wood chips ensures that the soil near the roots of your trees and plants is insulated during the year. The soil can stay cooler during the summer and warmer in the winter, protecting the roots. Wood chips also prevent moisture from escaping, saving water and keeping the plants hydrated. 

Environmentally Friendly

Wood chips are made as a byproduct of tree removal and pruning. If they are not recycled as mulch, they could end up in a landfill. When wood decomposes in such large amounts, it releases methane which is harmful to the environment. In your gardens, it can decompose naturally and safely for the environment.

Weed Suppression

Wood chips prevent light from reaching the soil below. This discourages weeds from growing up around your plants and trees. This is also helpful because mowing and landscaping tools don’t need to go so close to the tree and risk trunk damage. 

Promotes Water Filtration

Shredded mulch has a tendency to stick together because it’s so thin. This mat of wood that forms can prevent water from reaching the soil beneath it. Wood chips are shaped differently and are chunkier in size. This allows water to flow easily into the soil and feed the trees and plants.

Ready To Switch To Wood Chips?

If your gardens are lacking something, try investing in a beautiful and efficient mulch material. Wood chips will make your landscaping healthier, and it’s easier than ever to have them delivered to your door! Kenny Nobles Tree Services is ready to provide natural, organic wood chips for your home. All you have to do is give us a call!

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