Kenny Nobles Tree Removal Service

Free On-Site Estimates

As a small locally owned business we understand how unplanned expenses can take a toll on your budget. That is why Kenny Nobles offers a free on-site estimate for our residential and commercial clients in the Walnut Hill community. Our tree removal and land clearing experts can give you an accurate estimate before we start your work to help you better prepare for the expense. Our services include Debris Removal, Land Clearing, Trimming & Pruning and Stump Grinding. We also take projects big and small. Let us take care of your tree removal and land clearing needs.

Walnut Hill Land Clearing

Land Clearing Up to 70 ft

If you have a piece of land you’d like to put to use, but it is cluttered with brush, stones, trees, tree stumps and other rubbish, you need a land clearer. Kenny Nobles offers land clearing for up to 70 ft. We offer three different options for land clearing and can help you determine what the best method is for your property. Our options include controlled burn clearing, push over and cut and grind. Contact us to schedule your estimate.

24-Hour Emergency Tree Service

for Commercial and Residential Tree Removal Services

Less than 50 minutes away from the Coastal town of Pensacola, Walnut Hill residents often find themselves dealing with the strong wind and heavy rains that come with tropical storms. Years of wear and tear, unsuspected tree disease and forceful weather patterns can cause a tree to collapse without notice. When this happens, you don’t want to wait for office hours to have a professional look at the damage. Left unattended, fallen trees can have risky and pricey outcomes. Kenny Nobles Tree Service is happy to offer 24-hour emergency service to Walnut Hill residents and business owners. If you have a tree emergency give us a call.

large tree being managed and kept by kenny nobles

Walnut Hill Firewood

Bulk Firewood Available For Delivery

We have enough firewood to keep you warm all winter long! For $175 you can get an 8-foot by 4-foot stack. Perfect for not only your fireplace but also your grill or meat smoker we offer Oak and Pecan wood. Don’t have a truck or a way to pick up your firewood? Don’t worry we can even deliver to you for a small fee. We can even cut firewood down to a size that will fit in your fireplace.

Serving Walnut Hill and more

including Cantonment, Milton, Pace and more.

Since 2014 Kenny Nobles has been serving Walnut Hill and neighboring communities. As an accredited Better Business Bureau business Kenny Nobles is the company you can trust to be your one-stop shop for all your tree removal and land clearing needs. Contact Kenny Nobles to schedule your estimate now.

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