Pensacola Tree Stump Removal Services

Is there an unattractive tree stump left over from a recently removed tree at your home or business? Is it getting in the way of a landscape project, posing a tripping hazard or is otherwise unsightly? Kenneth Nobles Tree Service can help!

With stump grinding services from our team, you can say goodbye to that ugly stump once and for all. We take care of stump removal through a grinding process that leaves your property pristine and looking as good as new. For dependable services for your home or business, reach out to Kenneth Nobles today!

How Does Stump Grinding And Removal Work?

Stump grinding is one of the least aggressive and most effective forms of stump removal available. The stump grinder uses a high-speed rotating disk to chip away the stump and underlying roots leaving you with a pile of small wood chips that can either be taken away or used for your various landscaping needs.

Other Pensacola tree stump removal services exist, though most involve harsh chemicals that speed up the process of natural decay. These chemicals can pose a risk to pets and may damage your lawn. Not to mention this option takes much longer than stump grinding – sometimes up to a year! Our Pensacola tree stump removal experts can tackle any stump and ensure that your lawn is looking its best.

stump in a yard

Why Choose Stump Grinding

When it comes to ridding your property of a troublesome tree stump, there are different approaches companies take. As mentioned above, some teams manually tear the stump out of the ground or use fire or chemicals to destroy the stump while it’s in the ground. Here at Kenneth Nobles, we utilize a stump grinder to remove your stump quickly and permanently.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why You May Consider Stump Grinding:

  • Safety concerns
  • Unsightly
  • Landscaping Issues
  • Fast and EffectiveReach out to our team for dependable, long-lasting stump grinding services for your Pensacola home or business.

Additional Tree Removal Services

Need something other than stump grinding? Our services include tree removal services, land clearing, tree trimming, pruning and debris removal. We also provide free onsite estimates for tree removal projects. We proudly service the residents and businesses of the Greater Pensacola Area, Milton, Molino, Walnut Hill, Pace and surrounding areas.

If you’re in need of any tree-related services, contact Kenneth Nobles Tree Removal Service today and find out how we can help you get the job done!

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